About Community Healthcare Consulting


Community Healthcare Consulting is dedicated to excellence in supporting a resilient, enlightened, and optimized workforce.


It is the vision of Community Healthcare Consulting that all staff and volunteers will have the resiliency to adjust and positively respond to the stressors in carrying out their roles, remaining healthy and effective throughout their careers in psychologically safe and supportive workplaces.


Integrity Quality Empathy Respect

  • Community Healthcare Consulting provides training and development to a wide variety of organizations.
  • We provide in class or a combination of in class and equine based learning and professional growth.
  • For individuals, we can improve your ability to stay grounded and resilient while managing your work related stressors.
  • For employers, we can improve retention of your staff by providing tools and techniques, and improve effectiveness by developing the soft skills necessary for team cohesiveness and success.

Community Health Consulting is the culmination of over 30 years experience and understands the needs of organizations facing work related stress and the need to build resilient teams to succeed. Our President and CEO, Susan Carr, has developed and supported numerous staff teams  and can share her tools and knowledge with your organizations.

Susan’s credentials include: Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Recovery Practitioner, Geriatric Certificate, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Compassion Fatigue Trainer, and National level judge with Equestrian Canada (the National Federation governing this sport in Canada).


Dreamwinds offers the one and only Original Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning Certification Program in Ontario. For decades, equine-assisted learning has proven to help develop both life and leadership skills for all participants, no matter their experience or ability. Dreamwinds is the ONLY satellite facility in the world license by the original founder of the Building Block (TM) Program with a proven EAL curriculum developed & tested through research.This is the most comprehensive EAL Certification program available and has been developed and tested through research to provide a standardized curriculum of objective-based exercises that delivers proven results!
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Susan Carr is an EAGALA Certified Professional. With 4,500 members in 50 nations, EAGALA Certified
Professionals help people change their lives by practicing The EAGALA Model: The Global Standard for Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development. EAGALA Certified Professionals complete a rigorous
training program, commit to evidence-based client solutions, utilize an exclusive team approach and operate
with a strong code of ethics.
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