Employer Benefits

You invest a great deal in finding the best candidate, and then training, mentoring, and on-boarding that carefully selected candidate. You want to retain this employee for the long term. In today’s work environments, your staff face a multitude of challenging situations, both from within the organization and external to it. How do you support your staff when they deal with the daily onslaught of various stressors? How do you ensure a psychologically healthy workplace? Community Healthcare Consulting has approaches and tools to assist senior and supervisory staff, along with the direct service staff, to build lasting, resilient staff teams in their chosen professions.

Improve Communication
Protect Against Vicarious Trauma
Reduce Staff Turnover
Decrease Absenteeism
Team Building
Sustainable Workforce
Address Cumulative Grief
Professional Growth
Address Compassion Fatigue
Decrease Burn Out
Decrease Presenteeism
Sessions are customized to the needs of the organization.
A sample session outline:
10:00 — Session Participants arrive Orientation to the day and venue

10:10 — Workshop format presentation on topic of focus identified by the organization when booking made

11:40 — Short exercise with horses to become familiar with the equine teachers and connect workshop material to experiential activity

12:30 — Working lunch break and debriefing/ discussion of experiential session

1:00 — Additional experiential activities with the equine teachers, designed to support the learning theme initiated in the workshop portion. After each activity is completed, debriefing and discussion occurs to reinforce subjective experience. The length and number of exercises varies according to the theme and needs of participants

3:30 — Wrap up and closure


Andrew Fagan

“The Community Healthcare Consulting workshop was an excellent day to build individual and team confidence. I enjoyed this workshop on many different levels. So often we register for different training opportunities and workshops with no expectations, but this opportunity exceeded all my expectations. Throughout the day I kept thinking how this workshop would benefit our management team, direct support workers and most importantly our people supported.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] The biggest surprise was experiencing a group of strangers grow together, our confidence and team work continued to strengthen throughout the day. This was a true team experience; it often reminded me of times when providing direct support or personal care. Coming across strangers and being nervous, you must remain calm and professional at all times. Today\’s pressures can be very overwhelming while supporting people in services; this can cause much stress on our teams and personal support workers. Supporting the horses in their space often reminded me what it was like walking into our clients homes or when approaching/supporting new clients for the first time. Thank you again for this opportunity.”

– Director of Services and Community Partnerships


Rachel Levy

“As an executive coach, I have a toolkit at my disposal that I use to aid my clients gain transformational insight, so I came to the experiential equine session expecting to learn a little and excited to try something new. Instead, I came away from the learning session with a profound knowledge of how to elicit change, communication and teamwork through experiential learning with horses. My personal learning was immediate and has been sustained over time. I carry the revelations I gained in working with Sue Carr and her team with me on a daily basis.”

President, Kaleidoscope.Consulting

Haran Vijayanathan

“I ride very often, but do not understand horses completely. This session allowed me to understand horses more, but more importantly allowed me to really look at myself differently and allowed me to engage in mindfulness in a meaningful way for me.”

Executive Director at Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention

Wendy Graham

“Every aspect of the workshop was well organized, productive and enjoyable. From the in-class content, to the individual experiential, and then the group exercises, each component was progressive and moved towards a greater understanding of self and self within a group.”

Registered Psychotherapist


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