Experiential Learning

Learning by doing is the most profound learning we can undergo. Being able to see first hand the results of our actions in real time is fundamental to being able to understand our impact on ourselves and others. This gives us the opportunity to try our new approaches and develop a deeper understanding of the processes at work. Reflecting on and discussing these processes further enforces this new understanding. The experiential exercises reinforce the in-class portion of the sessions and will support the long term retention of the material. The selected exercises are customized to support the organizations area of focus for their session.

One example is a session participant who stated the learning she gained in a Community Healthcare Consulting session continues with her daily, several months later. The learning had a profound impact on how she works with her clients and her effectiveness with them. She also indicated she extended the learning from her professional life into her personal life as well.

Some of the benefits past participants have shared include:

Reminded me to focus on myself and what it is I want to message to another.

Workshop allowed me time as a therapist to reflect and return to basics of self: calm, open, collaborative, aware.

Loved the work and creation of the synergy with other members of the workshop.

Great experience –all aspects of self-reflection and growth –work within group was great opportunity to reflect on self , gauge participation and monitor own energy within the group.

Group work was fun and informative, paying more attention to others, nonverbal cueing, sharing a common goal, and even recognition of what that goal looks like to all participants.