Who can benefit?

Anyone in a stressful workplace or in customer/ client service will find our sessions beneficial

You have chosen your profession to help others. You have invested a great deal of time, energy, and funds in fulfilling that responsibility. How do you ensure you will maintain the ability to carry out your role with the passion and commitment you have now, or once had?


Community Healthcare Consulting can provide tools and approaches to support your resilience, to care for yourself to ensure you can care for others, and to flourish in your field.
Regardless of your specific area, you and your peers will benefit from increasing your understanding of how the “baggage” you carry with you on a daily basis can impact your work with clients. Community Healthcare Consulting’s program can help you identify ways to manage this “baggage”. It is challenging work we do, day after day, and being aware of our emotional and intellectual state will build resilience and protect against the impact this work can have on us over time. Developing tools to help us debrief safely and recharge is one aspect, but beyond that we need to be aware of the cumulative impact on ourselves and others and how to manage this.

A Sample Pre-Set Session of 90 Minutes:

10:00 — Arrival and signing of waivers, orientation to the day and venue

10:10 — Orientation to equine teachers and short experiential exercise to familiarize participants with the learning theme for the session

10:30 — Debrief of first activity drawing on participants’ experiences around the theme

10:40 — Additional experiential activities with the equine teachers, designed to support the learning theme. After each activity is completed, debriefing and discussion occurs to reinforce subjective experience. The length and number of activities varies

11:20 — Wrap up and closure

11:30 — Depart

For individuals wishing to participate on their own, and not as part of an organizational team, shorter pre-set topics may be available. Please contact Community Healthcare Consulting to discuss current offerings. These sessions are open to anyone and registration is confirmed on receipt of payment.

During the fall of 2018, we are offering a series on Workplace Wellness on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to approximately 4 pm.

Although the sessions involve horses, there is no riding. Participants work with horses from the ground. Horses mirror our strengths and weaknesses and reflect back our challenges. From this information, we can learn how to manage workplace stress more effectively and efficiently. Solid footwear is required for all sessions:

Oct. 26         Self-Care — Managing Your Stress in a Healthy Way

Nov. 9           Communication

Nov. 16         Boundaries and Appropriate Assertiveness

Nov. 30        Mindfulness and Presence

All session are held a Story Book Meadows, 8058 20th Sideroad Adjala, Loretto ON L0G 1L0

Each session $75.00 + HST each,   or sign up for all 4 for $240.00 + HST

Pre-regisration 3 days prior to the session is required. Payment by cheque, e-transfer, or by credit card at Story Book Meadows

Cancellations accepted up to 3 days prior to the session. Sessions are transferable with notice. Please note: We reserve the right to cancel sessions with insufficient registrations.

To RSVP or learn more contact Sue by phone 705-791-4602 or email communityhealthconsult@bell.net

Some of what past participants have stated about Community Healthcare Consulting Programs include:

“I really enjoyed this day both personally and professionally. Growth for me happened on many levels – awareness, perception, projecting openness, and dealing with personal anxieties – very little time around horses. During the course of the day our group developed as a team and the tasks assisted in creating more synergy, and trust.”

-Wendy Graham, Registered Psychotherapist

“increased awareness of time needed to enter into another’s space and to present myself while leaving room to honour their space”

– Participant