Why Horses

Equine Assisted Professional Development, Growth, and Learning


  • The use of equines in personal/ professional growth and therapy is a relatively new field with increasing scientific support.
  • Horses are social animals, as are dogs, but unlike dogs, horses are prey animals. Their very survival depends on the ability to read non-verbal communication and react to the emotions, thoughts, and energy of those in their social group and environment.
  • Horses are much more skilled than humans in “reading” our non-verbal communications and “holding up the mirror” for us to see better what we are communicating non-verbally. They are able to pick up on the negative energy and “baggage” we carry with us into the work environment.
  • They serve as a wonderful metaphor for the individuals with whom you work.
  • To provide quality care or support to vulnerable individuals and function effectively in teams, we must be keenly aware of our non-verbal messages. The experiential aspect of this work will heighten your awareness of how you are perceived and your ability to be fully present in your activities.

Ted Talks on Equine
Assisted Professional Development

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