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You’ve invested in your business, but traditional education only addressed the technical skills. It didn’t teach you how to excel in today’s increasingly demanding work environments or how to maximize the effectiveness of your staff.

Soft skills like communication, problem solving and creative thinking are needed to better prepare your team to excel. They prepare them for what the day brings, and for what the job becomes over time. Horses can help!

CHC Consulting provides professional skills training, giving you a competitive edge.

Plan a customized private session, and brush up on your leadership, critical review, and goal-setting skills in a unique environment.

Enhance your employee’s soft skills to be a more essential part of your herd.

Contact us today. Harnessing horsepower to build successful teams!

We assist innovative organizations to retain their key staff and reduce turnover. Using our unique blend of a traditional classroom setting and experiential learning, staff teams develop the soft skills necessary to increase effectiveness and efficiency and build resilience.

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Psychological Health & Safety
Workplace Culture/ Reducing Work Stress
Compassion Fatigue
Resiliency and Sustainability
Effective and Efficient Teams
Leadership Development
Emotional Intelligence
Presence and Focus
Mentally Healthy Workforce
Self Care
Self and Professional Development



Our programs and services are tailored to each organization’s specific challenges. We offer both traditional classroom/ board room type sessions as well as experiential learning using horses (Equine Assisted Learning).
Currently, we are offering complimentary 30-minute discussion sessions by phone/ internet meeting, or in-person with full COVID 19 precautions in place. To book a session call or email to set up your session.
The use of horses in sessions allows us to explore root causes and underlying barriers to the team’s increased success in a timely and effective process.

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Community Healthcare Consulting Review

Natasha Zajc-Dalcourt, MD, CCFP, (a family doctor with experience in palliative medicine and MBSR)

An informative experience that introduced a refreshing concept to understanding how we manage our stressors and anxieties especially in the healthcare field where patients or clients are dealing with their own challenges – be that due to complicated chronic illnesses or due to end-of-life issues. The exercises we participated in took me out of my “comfort zone” but pleasantly allowed me to focus on the present moment with plenty of time for introspection after the fact. Sue Carr delivers a very professional experience with a great team behind her with many years of experience in this field.
This program offers an excellent opportunity for team-building exercises that would create a more integrated effort by all individuals involved in delivering effective care. This would include students entering the healthcare field where focusing on interpersonal relationships in difficult settings could be enhanced.
Equine-assisted therapy has been shown to be beneficial to individuals struggling with substance abuse or post-traumatic stress. As the demands in healthcare grow with an aging population dealing with more chronic conditions, this form of therapy can help people in the frontline of healthcare from being overwhelmed by their work and potentially putting them at risk of addictions or PTSD. I strongly recommend this program to individuals, companies, hospitals, public health workers or anyone touched by the demands of caring for those who need our help the most.

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