Dealing with emotions of loss in the workplace

I made this video blog last fall and had planned to release it as part of a rebranding process initially scheduled for this spring.

You may recall my post from a couple of weeks ago where I made the connection between the range of emotions people are struggling with during the COVID Pandemic measures and the experience of grief.

You and your staff may have experienced significant losses with the pandemic measures whether you are essential services, working in modified conditions, or not working at all. These losses have a major impact on our ability to focus and stay productive. Self care and supporting our mental wellbeing will help us be more focused and productive in all we do.

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Video transcript:

Hello and welcome on the next video blog from CHC Consulting. I am Sue Carr, CEO.

Today, I’m speaking to you about grief. Some of you may be wondering why a professional development organization is speaking to you about grief.

Grief is the experience we have in response to a significant loss. This happens in industries working with clients who are elderly or medically fragile. This also occurs in industries where there is significant turnover, relocations, or going through restructuring and layoffs.

This is my partner of 23 years, Clever. He is now enjoying a happy retirement at 28 years of age.  He has been living the last 4 years with a very serious heart condition and is medically fragile and palliative.

My experience working in mental health and palliative care for nearly 30 years has provide me with the knowledge and expertise to recognize the signs of grief and how to support people. Grief is a normal reaction but may require greater supports in dealing with grief, especially when losses are frequent or close together.

At CHC Consulting we use the relationships between people and horses to help your team process change or loss and their reactions to these changes, including grief.   Using a variety of activities and tasks, teams work together to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and each other and are able to express their grief from various types of losses. This deeper connection increases mutual support and builds coping skills needed in today’s work environments. 

Our customized training sessions to help you and your team build supports for each other to work effectively as a cohesive herd.

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