Key aspects of effective teams

Key aspects of effective teams:

The theme I chose for the series of posts this month is “teams” and what makes an effective team.

As businesses are return to their workplaces and the reopening phase is starting in many locations or planning to start in others, business will depend on their teams to work effectively and in a coordinated fashion.

This week provides an overview of some of the key elements of effective teams. Over the coming weeks, we will look at these components in a bit more detail.

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome on the next video blog from CHC Consulting. I am Sue Carr, CEO.

Teams are the key business unit in today’s working environments, regardless of how large or small they may be. Work gets done based on input from several individuals working as a cohesive group.

Problems in work occur when teams become less effective and problems arise.

This is my partner of 23 years, Clever. He is now enjoying a happy retirement at 28 years of age.

For almost 20 years Clever and I competed as a team in a variety of horse competitions. We had to have clear communication, a common understanding of the tasks at hand, mutual respect, and effective leadership to succeed. These same elements are fundamental to successful teams in work environments.

At CHC Consulting we use the relationships between people and horses to help your team understand and build skills to be more effective and efficient.  Using a variety of activities and tasks, teams work together to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. This deeper connection increases effectiveness and efficiency in the daily work environment.  

Our customized training sessions to help you and your team reach the next level in leadership work effectively as a cohesive herd.

Visit our website to learn more …. And, for businesses operation in Ontario, Canada, email us to book your complementary 30 minute consultation session.

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