Workload Management

Welcome to the next blog in our series on the 13 Pillars of Psychological Health and Safety. In this session, we will address the pillar of “workload management” as part of our support for professional development and workplace wellness. The Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety describes workload management as “A work environment

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Growth and Development

Continuing on with the series of the 13 pillars in our National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace, this post addresses Growth and Development. The Guide to the Standard defines a workplace as “A work environment where employees receive encouragement and support in developing their interpersonal, emotional, and job skills.” Some of

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Psychological Demands

Continuing on with the series of the 13 pillars in our National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace, this post addresses Psychological Demands. The Guide to the Standard defines a workplace with positive Psychological Demands as: “Employees have the social and emotional skills needed to do their jobs well, supervisors believe that social skills are as

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How to get the most from your strategic planning:

We recently worked with a small organization on their strategic planning for their new and quickly growing company. In addition to the strategy priorities, we also looked at the barriers or challenges for the organization both internal and external, and their organizational boundaries. These exercises provided insight and a much deeper connection between team members on the strengths of their plans as well as pointing out areas to build up or reconsider.
Working with horses helps solidify where teams are aligned and united regarding how plans will be enacted, and where gaps exist in their shared understanding.
Teams are able to expand their understanding of what is possible and uncover hidden strengths within the team. Individuals grow and expand their confidence in taking on bigger challenges and seeing new opportunities are actually achievable.
With all the challenges the pandemic has placed on all businesses, teams are fragmented and dysfunctional. Our experiential sessions reconnect the team and rebuild the relationships necessary to exceed goals and help your team finish ahead of the competition.
As we enter 2021 and the first quarter of a brand new year, it is an ideal time to review your strategic goals and how to make them happen. Let Community Healthcare Consulting guide you through this process and help your team work as a cohesive herd.
To learn more about how working with horses can improve team insights and help you pull ahead of the competition, email us at [email protected] or visit our website at
COVID-19 protection measures are in place for the safety of clients and session facilitators.

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