How you lead your team through these challenging times is crucial

What you do now as a leader will have lasting impact on you, your team, and your organization.  Just when you don’t need any more pressure here are some additional items to be concerned about.

The solution is easy though…. Just be kind!

Be the kind of leader you would want to have yourself.  Remember to say please and thank you….. Especially the THANK YOUs!

Trust that your staff will do their best while you are doing your best to support them. This goes beyond providing a computer and access to their files on the server or a few pairs of medical gloves. This means asking how they are doing and genuinely caring.  Being supportive and flexible with staff who are now in the role teacher, coach, chef, and mediator in addition to their role that used to be 9 to 5. 

As a leader, you need to be solid, predictable, and dependable for your team. It is important to be flexible and supportive while still maintain the accountability.  I’m not suggesting you be a push over, but expectations must be considered within the context we now find ourselves. 

Set clear priorities…. Yes, these will change often, possibly daily, or hourly in some cases. These changes need to be communicated clearly and timely to those responsible for achieving them.

Recognize that productivity will be less than what it was.  Productivity is always a casualty when stress levels are high. It is part of our new reality.

Remember this situation will pass… people will return to something similar to past routines and work settings… how you demonstrate your compassion and respect for your team will last well beyond our physical isolation restrictions.

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Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

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