Leadership support during the pandemic

These are unprecedented times. There is a great deal of uncertainty in all aspects of our lives. This calls for strong leadership and support to our staff and colleagues at a deeper level.

Those who are working in modified roles from home, those who are providing essential services, and those trying to find new ways and being creative to meet the needs of our communities are all struggling in uncharted waters.

Community Healthcare Consulting is offering complementary consultations to businesses operating in Ontario, Canada via Zoom.

A series of video blogs were recorded last year with plans to release in a kick off to some rebranding and service expansion planned for this spring. The plans for rebranding are on hold while we look at ways to support businesses and organizations during these difficult times.

I am hoping this video blog will provide some support and reflections on how you are leading your team during this crisis.

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Video transcript:

Hello and welcome on the next video blog from CHC Consulting. I am Sue Carr, CEO.

Leadership is vital to all members in workplace teams. Even if you are not in a formal leadership position you are responsible for leading at least yourself.

This is my partner of 23 years, Clever. He is now enjoying a happy retirement at 28 years of age.

Good leaders know how best to lead their teams. Every situation is different and every team is different. A good leader doesn’t jump in to do things for team members nor do they let them make grievous mistakes with very high costs to the individual and the company. Getting it right is critical to being a good leader.

At CHC Consulting we use the reactions of horses to help you reflect on various styles of leadership and gain insight into when the various styles are required in your day to day work setting.

There is leadership from in front, blazing the trail and setting the course for the team.

There is leadership from behind, driving the team forward and correcting the course each step so there is no incorrect foot fall.

There is leadership from the side, with support and guidance, but a sense of “we’re on the journey together”. There are some parameters, but each foot fall is open to the individual. There is a direction in place but some leeway in how exactly to get there. This is the spot good leaders spend the majority of their time, providing the tools and knowledge to their team and then cheering them on from the sidelines.

At CHC, we provide customized training sessions to help you and your team reach the next level in leadership work effectively as a cohesive herd.

Visit us at www.communityhealthcareconsulting.ca  to learn more …. And, for businesses operation in Ontario, Canada, email us at [email protected] to book your complementary 30 minute consultation session.