How’s your EQ? Come and see how horses can help you increase your Emotional Intelligence Quotient!

Emotional Intelligence is the final session in our series of 5 Workplace Wellness sessions on Tues July 31 at 6 pm

Emotional Intelligence is understanding and being able to control your own emotions, but equally important is the ability to read the emotions of others. Horses are excellent teachers on these aspects of workplace skills. We often have emotional reactions to situations at work, good and bad. How we address these emotions has a significant impact on our wellness and effectiveness in the workplace.

Please note solid footwear is required for all sessions. Each session works with horses on the ground; no riding involved. Horses mirror our strengths and weaknesses and reflect back to us our challenges. From this information, we can learn how to manage workplace stress more effectively and efficiently.

Pay at the door fee: $75.00 + HST ($84.75) cash or click here to pay by credit card   Pay by credit card

To learn more or to 705-791-4602 or [email protected]

Session location is: Story Book Meadows, 8058 20th Side Road Adjala, Loretto, ON    L0G  1L0