Mindfulness and Decision Making in the Workplace

Workplaces require us to focus our attention on many tasks at once and be fully present for each task. How do you do that?

The reality of modern work life pushes us to multi task and decreases our attention span. How often have you been in one meeting thinking about the emails and phone calls you needed to squeeze in before the next meeting?

The principles of mindfulness can help us address these challenges, be more effective in our work, and experience less negative stress.

Similarly, the pressure of making the best decisions in our work roles can be stressful in both positive and negative ways. There are often so many options that we can feel helpless in making the correct choice or conversely be faced with limited, poor options and no “good” solution, all with the pressures of timelines. How do you tap into the tools and resources within yourself to assist in sorting out the best course of action?

These are the areas we will be exploring in Session # 3 of our Workplace Wellness series: Mindfulness and Decision Making on Tues. July 17.  Please visit our website or Face Book page events for more details. We now have the ability to accept payment by credit card.

To find out more or book your spot, contact Sue at 705-791-4602  or email [email protected]