When Personal Values Align with Organizational Values

Those who are regular followers know that I typically post about #workplacestress and #workplacementalhealth but today I’m writing about Social Enterprise.

This is the growing movement of businesses taking a socially conscious approach on a variety of issues from environmental concerns, to hiring those who are employment challenged, to many other social causes. This movement  is about making a business that not only has a productive bottom line, but is also doing work that is socially or environmentally motivated.

Staff and workers in these types of organizations are showing longer retention and less workplace stress than those in traditional organizations. When staff’s personal values are closely aligned with those of the organization, everyone benefits. These organizations also tend to be actively engaged in ensuring staff are well, mentally and physically, as well as being productive. Their staff are engaged and fulfilled by their work.

A couple of week ago I had the privilege of viewing the documentary  The Social Shift at the 5 Points Theatre in Barrie sponsored by #thesandboxcentre  #SENCO and #cityofBarrie

I am in the audience in the photo attached. There were many inspiring and motivating conversations before and after the movie screening. For those interested in learning more about the documentary, click here.

I strongly recommend that all businesses and social service agencies view this documentary and think about how they can implement and partner to address their passions and values in creative ways. There are a number of resources locally and provincially to assist with the development or transition to a social enterprise model. These include SENCO, The Sandbox Centre, and City of Barrie. There are a number of joint planning and innovation groups in process. This not only makes a positive impact on society but it is also good business.

If you missed The Social Shift this time, stay tuned… it is coming back in June and will feature 2 of the filmmakers in a discussion.

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