Women’s Workplace Wellness

As International Women’s Day is quickly approaching I thought it would be an ideal time to reflect on some information regarding women’s mental health in the workplace.

The Toronto based Institute for Work and Health researched gender based differences in work and life stress and found that while women continue to be better as seeking support, they are reporting higher levels of stress related to lack of job control and  overall higher job stress than their male counterparts.

Workplace stress not only decreases mental well being but is linked to a number of chronic physical health conditions, such as heart disease and cancers.

The good news is that workplace stress is something that can be addressed. See the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Standard for information on how to improve mental wellness at work, for all genders.  National standard for psychological health and safety in Canadian workplaces.

Community Healthcare Consulting provides solutions to assist your organization in addressing workplace wellness and developing the skills necessary to thrive in today’s stressful work environments. Visit us at https://communityhealthcareconsulting.ca/  or call 705-791-4602 to learn more.

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